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What is 50 benefits of Yoga?

What is 50 benefits of Yoga?

  1. yogas main Benefits is improve immunity.
  2. yoga  exercise practice strengthening muscle.
  3. yoga’s asana improve Flexibility of body.
  4. yoga’s improve mind power .
  5. yoga like anulom vilom ,Bhastrika ,Bhramari,etc help full to increase oxygen level of blood.
  6. yoga like anulom vilom ,Bhastrika ,Bhramari helps to increase hemoglobin in  blood.
  7. yoga anulom vilom ,Bhastrika ,Bhramari Meditation  helps to deals with Depression.
  8. yoga also helpful to experience spiritual world.
  9. yoga beneficial to every organ of body ,from legs hands to every  muscle of body.
  10. yoga also increase vitamins and minerals naturally.
  11. yoga asana technique of yoga helps increase oxygen level blood.
  12. yoga can create new cell in body Dissolve weak cells .
  13. yoga helps to cure and resolve any tumor like fat tumor,bloods clots,cancer tumor in body
  14. yoga maintain body and mind power to cater Different Viral diseases
  15. yoga can improve blood in body.
  16. yoga increase white blood cells in body.
  17. yoga Breathing technique and yogasana can cure inherited disease.
  18. yoga  pose helps  in back pain.
  19. yoga anulom vilom helps in sinus,migraine,cold nose,headache.
  20. yoga helps to cure thyroid.
  21. yoga helps to cure complication of thyroid in women like ,weight gain,moodswing etc.
  22. yoga Breathing technique and yoga asana helps to improve power of lungs.
  23. yoga also helps to decrease cholesterol level naturally in blood of body by Breathing technique and yogasana.
  24. yoga Breathing technique and yogasana helps in  cure asthma.
  25. yoga Breathing technique and asana like vajrasana,pawanmuktasana,helps to cure gas,acidity,ulcer of stomach
  26. yoga helpful to increase digestive system of stomach.
  27. yoga asnan like chakrasana helps in slip Disc.
  28. yoga helps in kidney stone.
  29. yoga Breathing technique and yogasana helps overall function of kidney.
  30. yoga asana  also helps to cure kidney failure.
  31. yoga also help in urine function and cleaning of body.
  32. yoga helps to increase immunity to cater skin disease.
  33. yoga helpful improve skin tone,which helps  to enhance face beauty.
  34. yoga also help in to increase sperm count naturally in men .
  35. oga Breathing technique and yogasana helps women pregnancy.
  36. yoga can cure dissolve ovary cyst and minimise pregnancy complication.
  37. yoga Breathing technique and yoga asana helps men and women increase healthy sex life.
  38. yoga helps to cure sex Diseases.
  39. yoga Breathing technique and yogasana increase sex power in body and mind.
  40. yoga Breathing technique and yoga asana like kapalbhati helps to  create  regenerate new cells in body so yoga helps to be rebirth ,regenerating of whole new physical body.
  41. yoga Breathing technique and yogasana help to cure Diabetes permanently.
  42. yoga helps to cure blood pressure permanently.
  43. yoga also helpful to live life medication  doctor free.
  44. yoga help to fight with cancer.
  45. yoga breathing technique and yogasana helpful in joint pain.
  46. yoga helps insomnia,helpful in  to get deep sleep.
  47. yoga helps to improve nervous system.
  48. yoga Breathing technique and yogasana helps bee transformation of physical body .
  49. yoga give u inner strength.
  50. yoga  breathing technique and yogasana make spiritual ,kinder,helpful in nature increase  social awareness .


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What is yoga ?Which are different types of yoga?

What is yoga ? what yoga does to our body?

The word Yoga is coming from the Gita and Puranas in the Upanishads in the Vedas, from the ancient period, Yoga is a very important word in Indian tradition philosophy. from Atma Darshan that is a self realization,from samadhi to the field of Karma  that the daily activity, Yoga has the main Role in life.the practice of yoga has happened in our everything in nature only we have to take breath that’s the  oxygen only.

oxygen enough to be bad habit or changing lifestyle we are destroying our health and mind also.Ancient yogis discover this  technique it called yoga. Inhale and exhale air with different poses and posture of the body it is called yoga and people who discover it are called yogi.Yoga helps to be fit with a healthy body and strong mind. Yoga philosophy in a Maharishi Patanjali’s word that we stop behavior and  thinking process of mind we have to control on our  activity that we have to develop our self and community where we are living in society and seek to extreme power which lay in our soul.

as we all are busy doing our daily work that work called karm to live in always  teach us do work  or karm which not affect us and to other. we should do the  things which always to be beneficial to us and so society. as we develop our self it our duty to develop or grow others, that’s the  main motive of our and maharishi patanjali is main motto is  also same ,while doing this we have seek spiritual practice enjoying the Samadhi by doing yoga meditation .

connecting with the divine soul we call  him as God,Allah,Ishwar,Jesus,or supremepower.Yoga helps us to be fit and healthy,so yoga makes us strong not only physically but also mindly. In daily routine life  we should not be affected by emotion or a  life we should not leave our path yoga, yoga teaches us how to live ,grow and be divine like god. That we and god become one ,as his motto our aim is one, the body becomes home of god.that we are become calm and strong. Gita has its important place in the Indian tradition. Saints think that yoga technique is taught by Krishna to us through gita.The modern saints of India have propagated the yoga of Gita all over the world.

physical exercise with  rhythmic breathing is called yogasan ,so yoga is control in our behavior and mind by doing physical exercise,poses with breathing and by meditating controlling mind that the chtivruttinirod of patanjali yoga

What are different types of yoga?

There were four types of yoga .Mantra Yoga ,layyoga,Hatha Yoga,Raja Yoga.

1.Mantra Yoga for 12 years by chanting methodically, the mind (chita)get to the seeker, this is called Mantra Yoga.

2.Laya yoga Doing everyday work thinking of god,while doing any activity or  karma is also called Laya Yoga.       
3.Hata yoga the various postures posture and pranayama to keep the body clean and the mind focused, in which the body is also strong, practicing yoga is called hatha yoga
4.Raja yoga is doing yam-niyam studying and practising yoga and interviewing the soul is called  Raja Yoga, it is said in the Gita that Dhyana Yoga has discussed Sankhya Yoga and Karmayoga.

What is Yoga pose,Or yogasana?   What is the benefit of yoga asana?

In this Yogic path, various types of actions have been magnified by the Indian sage Muni or we mainly describe Ashtanga Yoga  and Yoga pose.physical exercise with  rhythmic breathing is called yogasana.  Yoga poses develop new cells in our cells are powered through Yoga actions.Different poses of yoga strengthen our muscles. They are properly fitted  with which they are able to circulate blood properly and develop new cells power, from which blood circulation is done completely and properly, this principle of physiology is the transmission of yogic body.The health power is developed and it gives us freedom from diseases Through the practice of yoga and pranayama.

the glands of the muscles, muscles, and relaxation activities increase their healing and the body is healthy. Asana Yoga Asana helps to  keep the pancreas active and the amount of insulin remains. This relieves diabetes, blood pressure and other diseases.The root cause of all diseases is Digestive unhealthy Digestive system can be the cause of a terrible disease like gas acidity ulcer,heart disease,Diabetes.We can make the digestive system completely healthy with yoga, which makes the whole body healthy, light and delightful. Healthy lungs get rid of asthma, breathing and allergic diseases.When clean air comes into the lungs, it helps to strengthen the lungs and heart also.Due to the yogya poses of the body and the weight of the body is reduced so yoga helps to reduce wait.Daily yoga poses, exercise make the body become healthy and beautiful. Not only this, along with this distant body, yoga also makes the mind happy and calm . In the mind of all senses we lead us to be calm ,happy,spiritual.

so yogasana is basically physical exercise of body .yogasana is also stretching of  muscle with rhythmic inhaling and exhaling breathing .

What is Ashtanga Yoga? What is the benefit of Ashtanga Yoga?

What is the Ashtanga Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali?

what are the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga?

 Ashtanga Yoga has been established and discovered by Maharishi Patanjali. The whole method of living life and the people of the world should really adopt it. It is only through Ashtanga Yoga that individual and social harmony and physical health, intellectual awakening, feeling of mental peace and spiritual bliss We can summarize who can say Ashtanga Yoga, Maharishi Patanjali says through the eight Yoga Sutra.

There are eight types of Ashtanga Yoga and Yama Niyam Asan Pranayam Pratyahara Dharana Dhyana Samadhi of yoga. Without following all these Yoga Asanas, no person  become  yogic . To want to be completely happy in life, one should do ashtanga yoga, ashtanga yoga, religion, spiritualism meets every criterion of humanity and learning, if anyone can stop the bloody struggle of this world, then that ashtanga yoga diamonds, ashtanga yoga can make the normal behavior of life By taking samadhi state and can reach the highest state of spirituality, a person who is in search of his existence becomes acquainted with the absolute truth of life. the  yum and niyam is the basic foundation of ashtanga yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is to do activity i.e daily routine,be strong and healthy not only by physically but also mindly  with help of yoga and meditation technique .ashtanga yoga is explained  by maharshi patanjali whos motive to make this world happy ,healthy that ashtanga yoga is touch every aspect of life. every emotion like happiness ,sadness,anger ,greediness, selfyness ,every emotion how we should live.

Yoga philosophy in a Maharishi Patanjali’s word that we stop Chitta Vritti Nirodha nirod chitta means mind ,vritti means behavior and nirodh means how to stop by behavior and  thinking process of mind we have to control on our  activity.we have to develop not only our self but also community where we are living in society ,seek to extreme power which lay in our soul.

as we all are busy doing our daily work that work called karm to live in always  teach us do work  or karm which not affect us and to other. we should do the  things which always to be beneficial to us and so society. as we develop our self it our duty to develop or grow others, that’s the  main motive of our and maharishi patanjali is main motto is  also same ,while doing this we have seek spiritual practice enjoying the Samadhi by doing yoga meditation .

connecting with the divine soul we call  him as God,Allah,Ishwar,Jesus,or supremepower.Yoga helps us to be fit and healthy,so yoga makes us strong not only physically but also mindly. In daily routine life  we should not be affected by emotion or a  life we should not leave our path yoga, yoga teaches us how to live ,grow and be divine like god.

Ashtanga Yoga benefits to every field of life ,Ashtanga yoga teach us how to live life, how to be strong.Ashtanga yoga make us healthy and strong by mindly teach us hoe to deal with every aspect s of life .

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what is philosophy of Yoga?

What is philosophy of yoga?

yogash chitta vritti nirodhah
Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff (Chitta) from taking various forms (Vrttis)
Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, are the limbs of Yoga.
Yoga is old ancient Indian technique, which discover by saint yogis of India. its thousand year old technique of India. Thousand year of study by Yogis to discover
Strengthening mind apilosopyogand body. Yoga technique like meditation and body pose to improve your physical and psychological power of human being .yogis discover by yoga we can connect supreme power which is god. And it helps human to understand each aspect of life its process of human to be goddess that we are become calm .

yoga give inner strength and power to deal with life different episode like happiness and sorrows to deal with rejection of personal and social life .that we as human being our duty to do worship to extreme power that god. that we all are same in front of nature that we should behave equally with everyone .and make progress of our self in every aspects of life and also its our duty help community to be progressive.

Yoga is the Mother of all religions. We behave is called Vritti means the we behave or react or act that is related to our ego is an emotion. We feel affected by something. When it affects us, it eventually results in pain. But when it is not connected with ego – a casual thought – then it is not painful. As soon as you fail to detach it is painful. When there is attachment, it is painful. So, once more a description of a problem, a problem can hurt you, and a problem can exist without causing you pain.That detaches and attach to things lead us to pain. yoga help us to Deal with pain.
what are main two aspect of yoga?
Main two aspects of yoga one is physical exercise and other is meditation

yoga poseMain philosophy yoga to be happy,healthy and neutral in life. Be happy in mind lead calm our thoughts to be spiritual

Spiritual realization is the aim that exists in each one of us to seek our divine core. That core, though never absent from anyone, remains latent within us. It is not an outward quest for a Holy Grail that lies beyond, but an Inward Journey to allow the inner core to reveal itself. In order to find out how to reveal our innermost Being, the sages explored the various sheaths of existence, starting from body and progressing through mind and intelligence, and ultimately to soul. The yoga journey guides us from our periphery, the body, to the center of our being, the soul

what is aim of yoga ?

The aim is to integrate the various layers so that the inner divinity shines out.
We all came from God, and we are all bound to go to God, call that God by any name you like; call Him God, or Absolute or Nature, or by any hundred names you like, the fact remains the same.
Yoga helps us understand why we are always changing emotion some time happy ,angry joy full ,tired we should remain calm that’s absolute sate .

We all are in hand of our body this body always want enjoy that habit we eat drink watching talking that we all are in hand of our mind and body .body need to be lazy which leads we agratully adapts  bad habit which disturb our mind as well as practical word we have to do something though it harsh but we need to perform thing yoga teach us how we can perform every day of activity still be healthy calm state of mind .

what is ultimate benefit of yoga in real word?

Yoga practice leads us to that direction.where we can still do activity its not affect our body and mind .

Two step to achieve this one is meditation and second is yoga pose .By the practice of the different parts of Yoga the impurities being destroyed knowledge becomes effulgent, up to discrimination. Now comes the practical knowledge. Now comes the practical knowledge.. It is way above our heads, but it is the ideal. It is first necessary to obtain physical and mental control. Then the realisation will become steady in that ideal. The ideal being known, what remains is to practise the method of reaching it.

pose yogayoga also arises purification of the Sattva, cheerfulness of the mind, concentrated By this practice the Sattva material will prevail, and the mind will become concentrated and cheerful. The first sign that you are become religious is that you are becoming cheerful. When a man is gloomy that may be dyspepsia, but it is not religion. A pleasurable feeling is the nature of the Sattva. Everything is pleasurable to the Sattvika man, and when this comes, know that you are progressing in Yoga. All pain is caused by Tamas, so you must get rid of that; moroseness is one of the results of Tamas. The strong, the well-knit, the young, the healthy, the daring alone are fit to be Yogis. To the Yogi everything is bliss, every human face that he sees brings cheerfulness to him.  Misery is caused by sin, and by no other cause. What business have you with clouded faces; it is terrible. . when  our  mind has become lazy controlled  will have control over the whole body; instead of being a slave to the machine, the machine will be your slave. Instead of this machine being able to drag the soul down it will be its greatest helpmate. From contentment comes superlative happiness.Posture is that which is firm and pleasant.


what is benefit of yoga asana and yoga posture?

Todays life style we can’t make our body healthy .we are busy in work. we are having most  easy as well as lazy  lifestyle  we don’t have proper food our food are having lots of pesticides by eating that food we become unhealthy. even today’s cut throat competition our mind become greedy,and self oriented we can’t control our emotion like jealousy we are become narrow minded it all leads to different kind  dease like blood pressure ,diabetes ,ulcer ,cancer,etc not only but also mind problems to deal with this we have take various medication but this medication are only prevent symptoms of disease but it not cure diseases from root.we are become unhealthy  yoga come here to cure all disease .yoga can helpful in body and  in mind  problem.

Asana, posture. Until you can get a firm seat you cannot practice the breathing and other exercises.  you will find that as soon as you sit for a few minutes all sorts disturbances come into the body; but when you have got beyond the idea of a concrete body you will lose all sense of the body. You will feel neither pleasure nor pain. And when you take your body up again it will feel so rested. it is the only perfect rest that you can give to the body. When you have succeeded in conquering the body and keeping it firm, your practice will remain firm, but while you are disturbed by the body your nerves. become disturbed, and you cannot concentrate the mind. so controlling mind helps to to control on body.

We can meditate in that state there is no thoughts in our mind that we are thought less that’s the meditation . we can control our body and mind it’s like take deep sleep but not real sleep, we give rest to mind and body .When the we has succeeded in preventing the organs from taking the forms of external objects, and in making them remain one with the mind-stuff, then comes perfect control of the organs, and when the organs are perfectly under control, every muscle and nerve will be under control, because the organs are the centres of all the sensations, and of all actions. These organs are divided into organs of work and organs of sensation. When the organs are controlled the we  can control our all feeling and doing,the whole of the body will be under our  control.

Then alone one begins to feel joy in being born.then one can truthfully say, “Blessed am I that I was born. “ When that control of the organs is obtained, we feel how wonderful so we can be spiritual  our mind become strong and body becomes healthy that basic aim of yoga. .the benefit to be healthy and strong. not only we but also whole society or community become healthy and strong  strong  that aim of yoga and philosophy of yoga .

Benefit yoga aasan is to be strong healthy by body and mind.