"We Love To Have Fun, Travel and Enjoy Life.for That we need to be Healthy and Fit."

About Us

My self shailesh anand kale. I made this website called yoga Beneficial to spread Benefits of yoga 

yoga helps us to be healthy and fit not only Physically but also mentally and emotionally.

yoga is journey to make human to god and body to be temple. 

Shailesh anand Kale

Yoga beneficial aim to make world healthy and diseases free

I Discover yoga by ancient indian who are pioneer of yoga.

yoga can make human to be strong healthy loveable humans.

Yoga helps to be a  happy strong to live life long and disease free.

yoga pose


Yoga beneficial established in 2020 to  share information about yoga.

Which yoga pose and Breathing technique helps to cure disease 

what are benefits of  Doing yoga in daily  life.