• both hands on the forest, lie down straight,now keep the breath in.
  •  First lift the hand steel  straight and shoulders up, then raise the legs also hands and feet and head parallel  like the boat.
  • Try to maintain balance on hips like setting.
  • in this position, stop for some time slowly Hands, feet and head back on the ground, exhale breathing.
  • Come to back on a ground like savasana.

Benefits of Naukasana 

  • Naukasana help to Strengthen the back  muscle and abdominal muscles which helps in weight loss.
  • make it a successful entry of air into the lungs,which help oxygen level in lungs.
  • Naukasana helps to tone the leg and arm muscles.
  • Naukasana is Useful for people with hernia.
  • Naukasana Pose helps to remove belly fat.
  • Naukasana helps to improve the digestion system .
  • Naukasana helps to develop six-packs of abs.
  • Naukasana helps to improve the circulation of blood.
  • Naukasana helps the muscles get healthy in the condition of renewable and liver.
  • Naukasana helps to strengthen the thigh,hips,shoulder and neck muscle.
  • Naukasana helps to regulate the function of the liver, pancreas and lungs.
  • Naukasana help to Maintain the function of kidney, thyroid and prostate glands.

Contraindications of the Naukasana

  • Do not practice this yoga pose if you have low blood pressure,headache,migraine or if you have suffered from some chronic diseases or spinal disorders in the recent past.
  • Asthma and heart patients are advised to avoid this pose.
  • Women should avoid doing Boat poses (Naukasana) during pregnancy and during the first two days of the menstrual cycle.